Saturday, March 28, 2015

The 6 iPhone Emojis They Forgot (according to a German)

As an iPhone user, an emoji (the ideograms or smileys used in Japanese electronic messages and now throughout the world) lover, and a German I have some thoughts on the available emojis. First lets give a shout out to apple for including these which are very useful if you are an avid texter and you're German:

#9: The Spargel - Ok fine… apparently this is a "pine decoration" but I like to use it as asparagus, a veggie Germans love and so do I (even though I make mine in the oven, not in a Spargelkocher) 

#8: The Hazelnut - During the holidays nothing says Weihnachten like some good ol' cookies with Haselnüssen

#7: The Skiis - Although for me living in the mid-west where our version of a mountain to ski on is a fake snow covered pile of dirt, this comes in handy for most ski-loving Deutsche

#6: The Fußball - No description needed

#5: The Omi und Opa - "What are you doing tonight?" "Hanging out with [insert old people emoji]"
#4: The Krampus - Always a classic

#3: The Beer and the Clinking Beer Steins - PROST!

#2: The NEIN! girl - "Can you help me move?" "[insert pink girl with hands in the NEIN!!! position]"

#1: The German Flag - just started humming the Deutschlandlied (does that not get stuck in everyone's head for hours?)
But… Apple (and/or the japanese emoji designers) missed some crucial and much needed emojis if Germans are going to have emoji filled text conversations with other Germans!

#6: The Gummibär - If I can buy Haribo at the local Michael's craft store I should be able to text a gummy bear to my besties!

#5: The Iron - Although German-American's may have adopted the American's lack of ironing love, sometimes you just need a do some bügeln via text message.

#4: The Accordion - Chances are when you are going to an event we are going to need to express some polka love via text message and what better way to do that than with a classic instrument.

#3: The Pretzel - I mean come on… its a common bar snack! No? 
#2: The Wurst - At the very least they could have included a hot dog…
#1: CHEESE - It grinds my gears on a regular basis that there is no cheese besides this Kraft American Cheese hidden in the Symbols. I mean where is the Käse love?

What do you think? Am I crazy thinking they missed these crucial emojis? Do you use an emoji in a Deutsches way amongst your friends? I would love to hear your ideas so share them on social media ( @raredirndl on Intagram and @raredirndln on Twitter) or in the comments below!

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