Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Dirndl Hairstyles: Then and Now

Hairstyles go in an out of fashion just like anything else, but when it comes to dirndls it seems there are some that just pop out as typical dirndl hairstyles. Check out my video describing these styles, or if you'd rather read about it… keep in scrollin' down!

Here is a look at some traditional hairstyles and their modern renditions.

Here is a traditional Bavarian woman wearing her hair in a low bun. This is a very typical hairstyle and you can see in the next photo how this elegant look an be easily modernized and worn not only with a dirndl but with any outfit!

The braid crown was definitely the most popular traditional hairstyle that I found during my research. Many different areas in Germany used this look to go with their traditional dress. In recent years, the crown braid has made a comeback! I've seen it not only in the dirndl world, but on the streets as well. This is a great hairstyle to go with your dirndl. 

Here is another version of the braid crown and I love this contemporary take on the braid crown going underneath the head and ending in a messy bun.

It was actually difficult to find vintage and traditional hairstyles because in most photographs, like the one on the left, the women were wearing hats! The modern hat is a fedora adorned with ribbon, feathers, flowers and other details. I did some of my own hat designs using a straw hat. Click here to see them for yourself.

Ok… so the most common hairstyle I see at local Oktoberfests is… braided pigtails. I had a very hard time finding evidence of this style being a traditional hairstyle to wear with a dirndl. The photo on the left is a Swiss woman in her traditional dirndl and it's honestly one of the only pics I could find and as you can see by the picture on the left, even Kim Kardashian thinks that this is a typical German hairstyle.

My thinking is this… maybe once you take down your braid crown, it then becomes braided pigtails and there are not a lot of photos of ladies lettin' their hair hang wild. Either way, I love this modern, loose side braid that is very popular and looks great with a dirndl and is a great alternative to the pigtail look. 


This image from the early 1800s as well as the picture of the beautiful ladies from the late 1950s… Its clear to me that the hairstyle that you wear with your dirndl is just a reflection of your personal style. If you want to wear your hair long and curly, short and straight, braided, unbraided… it's up to you!

So rock whatever hairstyle you like!!

Do you have great picture of you in your dirndl with a great dirndl hairstyle? Maybe it's one I mentioned, maybe it's not… either way I'd love to see it, so post your pics on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #dirndlhairstyle and #raredirndl, so we can check out your look!!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dirndls in Detail: Working with Denim

For the new Spring/Summer Collection, Day at the Lake, one of the elements I knew I needed to incorporate was denim. I wanted to use it as subtle details, as well as use it to make Denim Lederhosen Style Shorts. Creating a distressed look with fabric proved to be difficult, but creating a frayed edge was simply a nightmare!

For the Outdoor Adventure Dirndl (one of my favorites), I loved the striped cotton and I thought that accents of the denim fabric would be a perfect way to make the dirndl go from plain to a fabulous Rare Dirndl! In addition to using the denim as piping, I wanted to do a pleated trim around the neckline, a ruffle at the hemline and apron ties. I wanted the denim to have frayed edges and the best way to achieve this look was to rip the pieces, wash & dry them, and then create the trim. Sounds easy enough...

So, I did exactly that… for the neckline trim I ripped 1.5 inch strips of the denim and put them into the washing machine along with the 2.5 inch strips for the hemline and apron ties. About an hour later… this is what I pulled out of the dryer - a big messy ball of denim strips! I knew it was going to be a bit messy… but I honestly didn't expect the frayed stray strings to create this much of a nightmare!

However after about 2 hours of cutting threads, cleaning up the edges and pressing the pieces, the final result was perfect! Exactly the look I wanted. I used every scrap of the striped fabric to make inventory of the Outdoor Adventure Dirndl, so what is available now is all that will ever be made.

This is good news for me because that means I will never have to detangle another crazy denim mess like that again! (Unless someone orders a custom dirndl with frayed edge denim accents.)

What do you think about the denim accents on the Outdoor Adventure Dirndl? Was it worth all the time to create the frayed look? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter and be sure check out some of the close up shots of the denim details on the Outdoor Adventure Dirndl on our online store by clicking here.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight: Jenny Boone

Jenny Boone - Brownsburg, IN 

One of the first things I learned about my boyfriend Jim was that he had a “huge group of dancing German friends.” While he expected me to be a little scared of that, I wasn’t and actually, having a German heritage myself, I was pretty intrigued. About a year after we began dating, we finally went to a German event together… Labor Day event (the Donauschwaben Landestreffen) in Canada.

I remember asking him what I should plan to wear since I would not be dressed in the “proper” attire, but didn’t want to stick out too obviously. He grinned and teased that he could always get me a dirndl. While I wasn’t so into that idea at first, but then Jim took me over to the Rare Dirndl pop-up shop at the event and asked me to just look through racks. So many colors and patterns to choose from, but I found one that was definitely a potential: the Cheshire Cat dirndl, my favorite colors and long enough for my taste. I felt so awkward putting that dirndl on for the first time that I strongly considered giving up on the idea, but man, the smile on Jim’s face after seeing me in the Rare Dirndl for the first time: priceless. All those awkward feelings were put to rest with that smile. He did confess that he always found dirndls awfully sexy and this one on me took the cake!

Now, I can’t wait for the next German event to wear one of my (now) two Rare dirndls and see that smile that I love so much. If only Labor Day weekends and Oktoberfests happened a few extra times in the year!! I find myself peeking at the Rare Dirndl website while I’m at work for new things to add to my Rare dirndl wardrobe. I love going to events and getting the chance to look through the racks and see all the possibilities for mixing and matching blouses, aprons, and skirts in person. My second Rare Dirndl, the In Bloom dirndl, is a stroke of genius because the possibilities are endless and that’s right up my alley. My favorite aspect of the designs is all the little details and I’m on a bit of a mission to collect different pieces with all those details!!


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