Monday, March 25, 2013

Münchener Trachtentage: The American Invasion!

March 16th & 17th was the first Münchener Trachtentage and I am very proud to say that I was one of the Ausstellers (exhibitors) at the event! Everyone who came to visit the booth was very surprised to see an American there... selling dirndls. "But Erika Neumayer is such a German name!" They were really impressed by the designs and the fact that Americans also embrace the traditional dress of Bavaria.
The Rare Dirndl booth at the Münchener Trachtentage

The venue was really fabulous! The MVG Museum is usually a street car museum, but during those two days it was transformed into a "everything tracht" extravaganza. The ambiance of vintage street cars and the industrial look of the building really added to the atmosphere and created an old meets new feeling, much like many of the dirndl designs. 

The Biergarten within the Trachtentage!

Many of the other exhibitors were also excited to learn that there was a market in the US for dirndls and that I was taking that bull by the horns. I met so many great people and got to meet many of the German designers that I have been looking up to for years! 

Me with Andschana from herzhirsch and her husband 

The fashion show was, hands down, the most exciting part of the weekend for me. In Chicago, there are not many (or any) opportunities for me to participate in professional fashion shows... so seeing my work walk down the runway was exhilarating and (this may sound silly) but I felt like a real designer! The bright colors and fun prints looked great on the runway and the crowd responded well to the pieces.
The Leopard Dirndl making its runway debut

Dark Purple Trachtenshirt and Adventurous Alice Dirndl on the runway

Although our sales consisted mostly of lederhosen bracelets, the experience was worth the trip! The German dirndl market is worlds apart from the American market, but now I can say that I've dabbled in both. I can't wait to see what the next few months bring and I'm most excited to apply what I've learned to my designs, collections and business. 

The Rare Dirndl Team!

Check out some of the sites from some of the other exhibitors that I love! I've starting working together with some of them and can't wait to see what the future will bring. Also check out the full trachtentage photo album on the Rare Dirndl Facebook page.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

4 Must Have Dirndl Accessories!

Officially only 2 weeks away from the Rare Dirndl Debut in Munich at the 1st Münchener Trachtentage and I'm putting together a list of what to pack and there are 4 accessories I know I have to bring to go with my dirndl. Wouldn't go without them!

1: Jewelry
My sister is currently obsessed with bracelets and for good reason; a fabulous bracelet is the perfect accessory for any outfit, including a dirndl. My fav at the moment is my DAVI bracelets. They are simple in design, but kickass in its use of stones, leather and beads. These little accessories bring a hard rocker edge to the flirty-ness of a dirndl, like with the Wicked Garden Dirndl!

2: Scarf
If your anything like me, during this time of year, I am always cold! However as long as my feet and chest are warm, I'm alright. Thats why my next must have is a scarf, but not just any scarf. I am loving the Alpenkult Trachten Loop! Using some traditional dirndl fabrics and some modern its the perfect way to keep warm and add to your dirndl look. Although the company is based in Austria, now worries... they ship to the US! My fav is the "Siberkuh". Paired with the Black Hole Sun dirndl... Perfection!

3: Purse
All Rare Dirndls have a pocket, which is sooooo great for the little things you carry around all the time, but some things are just too big! Thats where your purse comes in and there are two styles that are must haves. 1st is the Rare Lederhosen Purse. This bag is an instant attention grabber and just too cute to pass up! Its big enough to hold whatever you might need and then some and accents the German look perfectly.

2nd is Trachten Purse from Bergland Trachten. I choose this one because its small and has a shoulder strap. Perfect for festivals where your dancing, having it over your shoulder frees up your hands and its size forces you to only take what you really really need, so your not weighed down.

Unless your at the beach in your dirndl, your gunna need some shoesies! At the moment, I'm obsessed with my TOMS wedges. These are so comfortable and super easy to walk in. One word... LOVE. Mine are black, but at the moment they only have the chestnut color available. However, thats also a fab color for dirndls! I'm sure there are also other shoe brands that carry a similar style, but I'm telling ya... they are a great dirndl shoe!

So there you have it, the 4 things I know I'm going to be packing to take with me to Germany for the Münchener Trachtentage!

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