Monday, November 26, 2012

It's My Golden Birthday!

Today is November 26th. And on this day in 1986, I was born, so today I turn 26.

Happy Golden Birthday!! Oh why thank you!

So today... simple... 26% off everything! Order anything online today get 26% back as a paypal refund within 24 hours. Dirndls, Men's Shirts, Sweaters, Sale Items... EVERYTHING!

I'm going to go enjoy my birthday by seeing my fabric rep and shop for fabric, then cutting some dirndl bodices for inventory and then having dinner with my family. Crab Legs!!!!!! So Excited!

So 26% off everything online to celebrate my golden birthday... and oh ya, cyber monday blah blah.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Day to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. When I was little it was simply because we celebrated my birthday on Thanksgiving and so I got presents!
My 5th Birthday! Loved Thanksgiving and PJ Sparkles!
However, now that I'm older, I love Thanksgiving because its a holiday just about family and friends and not about gifts, religion, or anyone in particular (even though my grandparents still bring me a card).
Not my best look, but its one of my favorite pictures! 
I have a lot to be thankful for, especially this year. I've moved from my parents dining room to my own studio and my business has grown and flourished. I am truly thankful that my family and friends have been so supportive of my crazy business venture. But I'm even more grateful for all of my loyal customers, followers and supporters.
As a thank you gift, I am offering a Free Hobo Hat with any purchase of $80.00 or more on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! I'm not trying to trick you into buying my clothes, I am just genuinely grateful for my customers and so I'm offering one of my favorite new pieces as a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving from Rare Dirndl!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Making Lederhosen Mainstream!

Lederhosen are a staple at Munich's Oktoberfest and a fashion symbol of Bavaria. Last year I received multiple requests for some of the iconic leather pants, so I did my research and brought some in! I ordered black Bundhosen (longer... just below the knee) and grey/olive Lederhosen. I thought I'd get the bundhosen in mens sizes and and the shorts in women's... but they came in more of a unisex size. The sizing wasn't European, and it wasn't really US sizing either. It was a bit of a mess... not gunna lie.
Lederhosen with Suspenders
Even with all the little issues, they were still very nice quality goat skin pants with detailed suspenders and fully lined. I had them with me on the road for a year and found that even though many people asked for them, not many were interested in buying them. I've had them for a year now, sold 1 pair, and I wasn't about to sit on 50 pairs for another year. So I repurposed them! Making them into fabulous items that can easily blend into mainstream society.

I'm so happy with the way the new Lederhosen purses turned out and from the response I had last weekend lots of other ladies are also digging the new look!

Even more popular are my little leather bracelets. These are a cute way to bring a little "German-ness" to any outfit. Their wrap style look goes well with the current layered look and are a super light weight and easy way to wear.

Always trying to keep up with trends, but also making sure that I stay in business by coming up with new ideas and creative ways to turn what I already have into something fabulous!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

International Fair and Wine Tasting

I'm so excited about next Sunday's (November 11th) International Fair and Wine Tasting! Sponsored by the American Aid Society's Frauengruppe, the event is sure to be a great one! They've got a great line up of vendors including SODA by Amy, Stella and Dot, Schumacher Imports, Thirty One gifts, Jewelry by Mary Beth, caro__ by caroline borucki (my good friend from college), and Me! But thats not all... I've only listed a few here and the Oma's are baking Christmas cookies!
Stella and Dot
SODA by Amy

I'm bringing lots of great things that would be the perfect Christmas gift for the German fashionista! Hats, gloves, sweaters and my new favorites the lederhosen purses and the Edelweiss Cardigan. The purses are selling quickly and I hope and I can keep up with the demand... and the cardigan, well if I don't keep them for myself, I foresee those being the "gotta have it" new item for winter and spring.
Small Lederhosen Purse
I've kinda been tooting my own horn here, huh? Well thats just because I am genuinely excited to offer these new items which I love and believe in to my favorite customers and hopefully some new ones!  Get your girlfriends together and make a day out of the International Fair. I promise you won't be disappointed, you'll get some Christmas shopping out of the way and I'm sure you'll find a gift or two for yourself as well.
Sweater Shawl (oldie but a goodie)
Each vendor is going to be donating an item for a raffle, so you could even win items from the vendors!   The item you can win from Rare... you'll have to come and see for yourself! Check out the Facebook event for more details. See you there!!!!

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