Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Best from German Fest

Last weekend the Rare Dirndl team and I had a great time at German Fest Milwaukee despite the unusually chilly weather. We had to cover up our dirndl with sweaters, but we enjoyed listening to the music, eating the wonderful food and talking to so many great people!

The top selling dirndl last weekend was the Wicked Garden Dirndl. This edgy, fashion forward dirndl caught the eye of so many people and the smiles on those who tried it on were priceless! One of our customers said "I know I have gym shoes on... but I don't want to take it off!" And she didn't... that's one of the fabulous things about getting a dirndl at German Fest, you can try it on and walk out of the dressing room and onto the dance floor!
The top selling blouse for the weekend was the blouse that is paired with the Wicked Garden dirndl, the Sweetheart Blouse with Chain Sleeves. There are only a few left and they are going quick, so don't forget to grab yours before they are gone! Since it's all black it can easily be worn with many dirndl styles and the chains make it not only elegant, but edgy and modern as well.

We only make our blouses and dirndls in small batches which make them exclusive and if we sell out, for most styles, that's it. For example, I have no more chain to make the Sweetheart Blouse with Chain Sleeves... so once the little bit of stock we have left is gone, it's gone.

Thanks so much to everyone who came by our pop-up boutique last weekend and don't forget, the new Nevermore collection will be released on August 19th! Monika and I were sporting some new pieces last Saturday!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The German Fest Milwaukee Survival Kit!

German Fest Milwaukee is a weekend that many people look forward to all year! The 4 day festival starts on Thursday July 25th at 5pm and lasts until Sunday the 28th at 10pm. This will be my 2nd year as a vendor, but I've been going to German Fest for 10+ years and I have learned a lot about the weekend. Here are 4 tips to help prep and survive the whole weekend!

#1) Don't Forget Sunscreen (or the umbrella): Keep an eye on the weather and pack appropriately. Pack a sunscreen with a higher SPF because a blouse burn is like a farmers-tan hopped up on schnapps! Nobody likes that sweetheart neckline for the rest of the summer! My favorite is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Spray. It's so easy to re-apply and isn't super oily on your skin.

On the flip side... the open air Summer Fest grounds have plenty of tents, but if you want to grab some food, or another beer you may need to venture out from under the shelter, so don't forget an umbrella.

#2) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!: Having a water in between beers is key to keeping hydrated during the usually super hot fest. There are drinking fountains (or bubblers as the Wisconsinites call it) outside each of the bathrooms throughout the fest were you can re-fill any of your cups with some fresh Wasser!

#3) Keep Cool by the Lake: The Summer Fest grounds are located along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Michigan and it's the best place to cool down. There is always a wonderful fresh breeze off the lake and there are picnic tables along the edge where you can sit and relax.

#4) Comfortable Footwear!: Last but no least... a second pair of shoes in your survival kit may be cumbersome, but when you have a huge throbbing blister, nothing feels better! Since the fest is primarily outdoors walking barefoot is really not an option, so when your feet have had enough, sometimes a fresh pair of shoes is all it takes to feel like a million bucks!

#5) Bonus!!! Kill That Hangover!: Lots of people have their own hangover remedies, so I'll share mine... 2 advil, plenty of water and some kartofflepuffer (potato pancakes). German Fest's potato pancake houses have the BEST potato pancakes ever and nothing helps me get through a Sunday like those for breakfast!

During German Fest weekend, don't forget to come visit the Rare Dirndl pop-up boutique on the south-east corner of the Marketplatz! See you soon!!!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Fall/Winter Collection is almost here!

Launching: August 19

Inspired by the eerie nature of the works of Edgar Allen Poe, the Nevermore Collection is full of rich jewel tones, plenty of subtle detailing and fresh modern designs that you're used to seeing from Rare Dirndl. This collection is not one to miss and like always the pieces will be produced in small quantities of 3-10, maintaing the exclusivity that you've grown accustomed to.


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

German Fest Secrets Revealed!

German Fest Milwaukee is just around the corner and we've got 3 secrets about the weekend you may not know. Long time German Fest goer, southern Wisconsin resident, and fellow Erika, Erika Hutz told me about a few fun things that even I didn't know about!

#1) Niche Schnapps' Garden: NEW for this year, located just south of the Main Gate, the Schnapps' Garden Bar will be serving the official German Fest spirits, as well as traditional German Spirit Specialties from some of Germany's oldest and renowned distillers. There you can enjoy some shelter from the sun, while drinking and sampling some great schnapps. 

#2) For the non-beer drinkers: There are a variety of Schlink Haus wines served at select bars. And for kids and those looking for something non-alcholic there is the award winning Sprecher Root Beer that is brewed locally in Milwaukee! 

#3) 8th Annual Dachshund Derby: "Every year it gets bigger and bigger and lately, people have started training their dogs for the race," says the coordinator of the races. It is such a fun event that is super family friendly and is a nice change of pace from the rest of the events. Also not to miss is the Wiener Dog Costume Contest. Maybe Rare Dirndl should enter into the contest... if only we had a wiener dog!

Got other tips and tricks for the weekend? Comment below so we can share with everyone on facebook and via e-mail!

Also, don't forget to visit the Rare Dirndl pop-up boutique at the south corner of the Marketplatz!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Um... My Dirndl Doesn't Fit! Now What?

As seasons change, sometimes our bodies change to. So, what happens when you try your dirndl on before a summer picnic and... o jeeze... it doesn't fit! Luckily, most dirndls (including all Rare Dirndls) are easy to alter. Let me show you how!

The first step is to open up both the side seam and the area around that seam that connects to the skirt. These are usually the only seams that need to be altered.

grab that ripper!

Sew up the side seam to make it either bigger or smaller, whichever you need.
just a bit of sewing
Re-pleat the skirt so it fits the new waist size. Make sure the pleat is going in the same direction as the others. Then sew up the waist seam. 
pleat the skirt

Last but not least, you'll want to press your new side seam open to make it look professional.
press like a pro
Tada! Nothing's better than a great fitting dirndl.

Don't have a sewing machine or simply don't want to sew, no problem! Since it's a relatively easy fix, any dry cleaner who employs a professional tailor can alter your dirndl for you. But now you know how... juuust in case!

I'd be honored if you would help spread the word about Rare Dirndl and tell your friends and family that might be interested in being fresh, modern and edgy in their dirndl!

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