Sunday, April 29, 2012

Permit Approved!

To all my blog followers who were sending happy thoughts my way on Thursday... THANK YOU! It worked. The city finally approved the plans for the construction and now I just have to pay a few fees and we can start. (always fees...)

From inside facing Lincoln Ave. (pre-demolition)

From Lincoln Ave. looking in (pre-demolition)

So excited to start the construction and finally get going! I'll be blogging as often as I can, keeping you updated on all the new, fun, and crazy things that happen along the way as we create a studio boutique where Hard Industrial Chicago meets Cozy Alpine Lodge.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

So How's the Studio Coming?

"So how's the studio coming?" I think I get this question 4-20 times a week so I decided to blog about it! So here goes! Back in December I was looking for a store front space in the Lincoln Square area. For those unfamiliar with Chicago... Lincoln Square was primarily a German neighborhood for a long time (40s-60s ish) and then they started to move to other areas and to the suburbs. It went through a rough patch, but its back and booming! There is still large amount of German culture in the neighborhood including another dirndl store, the Chicago Brauhaus and an Apotheke. Lincoln Square's neighbor, North Center, has the largest concentration of German restaurants in the city!

Anyway... we found something! And here it is! Ain't she a beauty?!
Front of 5051 N. Lincoln as of right now
So it needs a lot of work. That was the only way we could afford it. My goal was to have the store front open and ready by June 1st to coincide with the Maifest in Lincoln Square (an outdoor, 3 day German fest about 7-10 min walking distance from the store). However... everyday June 1st gets closer and no work is getting done.

"Damn you City of ?#@$#!"
The city denied our request for a building permit because the bathroom was not big enough for a wheelchair, the entrance vestibule was not big enough for a wheelchair and there was no drinking fountain. So we redid the plans, no more vestibule, larger bathroom and... wait WHAT?! a drinking fountain?! with a 5ft radius around it for a wheel chair?! This is a by appointment only dirndl boutique and studio... really?!?! - yes... I'm looking into a water cooler, but this is the kind of ridiculousness that I'm trying to not let make me crazy.

Where shall we put the bubbler?!
So the appointment is for Thursday and if we don't get a building permit, the construction cannot start on Monday and my goal of being open for Maifest is going out the window. I've already given up on the front facade... that definitely won't be finished. But positive thoughts people! It'll be fine! right?...
What the front will look like at the end of the summer! yay!

3 new walls need to go up, 2 with electric, new ceiling with electric and leveling the floors... then we come in and do the finishing! Until then, we are working on the demolition... taking our anger at the city and focussing it on the ceiling and walls!

Taking down the 100+ year old ceiling!
So to answer everyones question... "So how's the studio coming?" well right now, its not. I mean... I guess it is. We are slowly tearing apart stuff thats been there since 1908, learning that spiderwebs can also become dusty and my boogers get black real fast even with the mask on! But it is not moving at the speed that I had it all planned out in my head 4 months ago.

Send your Happy thoughts my way on Thursday! Thanks!!
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