Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight: Christina Forst

Christina Forst - North White Plains, NY

My name is Christina Forst and I currently live in New York. This past September, I had the opportunity to travel to Germany for two weeks to visit Berlin, several small towns of Bavaria, and Munich, including attending Oktoberfest for three days. In advance of my departure, I wanted to make sure I was uniquely “outfitted” with some stylish German tracht. When I came across Rare Dirndl online (based in my hometown of Chicago, no less!) I knew that I had found my winner. I loved all the diverse styles and accessories, and, after ordering one dirndl, several off-the-shoulders and aprons to mix & match, as well as a Bavarian hat with a matching blouse that I simply couldn’t resist, I was ready for my adventure. I received so many compliments on my outfits from friends, fellow party-goers, and even local Germans. I think the uniqueness and versatility of all the styles are my two favorite things about Rare Dirndl, as well as the personalized service I received from Erika in the lead-up to my shipment.

My mother was born in Nuremberg, Germany and I also have German heritage on my father’s side, so I was very honored to be able to go there for the first time and better understand that part of my family history. And, although my boyfriend is not German by birth, you can see from the photos that he too fully embraced the experience in his lederhosen. We have had so much fun this past year preparing for our trip, not only with our outfits, but also by learning about German culture, visiting all of the amazing beer halls in and around NYC, becoming Bundesliga fans (we even attended a Bayern Munich game while there!), and believe it or not, learning about the intricacies and complexities of German beer and brewing techniques. In truth, I think we suffered a fair amount of “Germany withdrawal” after returning to the States, but we managed to resurrect our outfits back in New York in late October at Bear Mountain State Park’s annual Oktoberfest celebration, as well as at a family party where we passed out gifts we had brought back from Germany for our nieces and nephews. Thank you to Erika and the team at Rare Dirndl for helping to make this entire experience most unforgettable. (I’m addicted to dirndls now, so I will be back!)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

3 Ways to Wear a Sweater with your Dirndl

Although the winter months are not typically the season for wearing dirndls, many of us will find a way! Whether your going to a local German restaurant, or you have a German club event, wearing a dirndl can get chilly… cuz let's face it, it's cold outside! (I mean unless you live in Florida, Texas or southern Cali… in which case I'm very jealous and don't want to think about your weather compared to the balmy 3 degrees outside here in Chicago.)

But should you want to wear a dirndl, you'll most likely want to wear a sweater and I have 3 ways to help you decide what sweater to wear.

#1 - Cropped Cardigan

A cropped cardigan is your best bet for a dirndl. Why? Because dirndls have a natural waistline and cropped cardigans stop at the natural waist. This sweater style is the best way to compliment your dirndl without taking away from the essence of the dirndl style. One of our customers said that she found some at Old Navy for $20 and I got mine at Target a few years back. They are still in style, but sometimes hard to find in a long sleeve (mine is 3/4 length).

#2 - Draped Sweater

If you don't have a cropped cardigan then I would go with a sweater that drapes in the front like this one. Although it changes the silhouette of the dirndl, it doesn't cover up the detailing of the bodice. These sweaters are pretty easy to find and if you go with a color like black or grey, you can get lots of use out of it, because it's a great style for every day. However, should you find one in a classic loden green… that would go perfect with our bonus item! (Keep scrolling down ;-)

#3 - A Trachten Sweater

Don't like either of those options… then I would go for a Trachten Sweater like the Rare Dirndl Long Sweater. Wear something that says dirndl, without actually wearing a dirndl! Whether it is a traditional wool sweater with embroidery, or our comfy cotton loop knit sweater with edelweiss trim and buttons, you can go out to those German events in style! Right now there are only 3 Long Sweaters left (L and XL(2) in Black) Click here to get yours before they're gone for good.

BONUS! Not a sweater kind of gal? Check out our new Infinity Scarf! This scarf can accent any black dirndl or bring some German flair to your everyday outfit. Its classic grey color with the traditional bright red & green Edelweiss trim juxtaposed with the black ribbon with silver spikes will certainly dress up your dirndl, sweater, or t-shirt!

Click Here to make this scarf part of your winter wardrobe!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rare Dirndl's 5 Year Anniversary!

As an entrepreneur, January is the season for reflection, crunching numbers and setting goals… all some of my least favorite things. Last night I spent the evening carefully going over all the expenses, the budget, and setting 2015's projections, but then I took a minute and thought, "Hey Chica! This is Rare Dirndl's 5 year Anniversary. Whooop Whoop!" (then I put down the paperwork and got myself a glass of wine to celebrate!)

A lot happened this year so, I'm really excited for 2015! There are some things from 2014 that I'm going to try not to dwell on, like finding out that a Pakistani manufacturer is stealing my photos and designs… but there are so many great things that happened in 2014 that I'm very proud of!

This quote by fashion icon, Coco Chanel really rings true to me, because ever since I was little, I was always "a little different", but now I get to use that to my advantage! When people are going to criticize my work for copy my designs, it is very important or me to remember that I've arrived  2015 because of  hard work and innovation.

I'm very proud to have come so far in only 5 years and I've updated the ABOUT US page of the website to reflect that. Click here to check out the changes! 

Included on that page is a new video that explains what Rare Dirndl is all about! (although it's not as quirky as my usual videos, it gets the job done, haha!)

Here are some videos and blog posts that highlight 2014

Dirndls on the Mancow Show (haha that was interesting!)

The introduction of the most innovative blouse and only one of it's kind, the Blouselette!

Germany Wins the World Cup and there is a dirndl to match!

Most popular Video of the year!

Our best selling accessories make a comeback and we designed new ones! 

Our beautiful Brides of 2014

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rare Dirndl Brides of 2014

I was so honored to have a small part in the weddings of 3 wonderful couples in 2014! I created more bridal dirndls in 2014 than ever before and here are some great photos from this past year's great couples!
Mary-Claire and Jeramie


Mary-Claire and Jeramie had a beautiful garden style wedding in a forest preserve just outside of Chicago. I was honored to have made her dress as well as the grooms vest, the groomsmen vests and the bridesmaid dirndls. Click here to see more of their wedding pictures on our Facebook page.

Kristel and Hansi

Kristel and Hansi had a lovely church ceremony followed by a formal ballroom reception. They had German inspirations throughout their June wedding in Cleveland, OH from edelweiss in the bouquets to German food for dinner and a local German band at the reception. It was a joy to create Kristel's formal, all white bridal dirndl, the bridesmaid's dirndls and the groomsmen's vests. Click here to see more of their wedding pictures on our Facebook page.

Kristina and Chris

Kristina and Chris had a welcome dinner the night before their wedding and it was an Okotberfest theme! Her husband knew he was going to wear his green gingham trachten shirt and his lederhosen and I was so excited to make a dirndl that fit the color scheme and her personality. They got married in September in California and she said, "the wedding was epic!" Click here to see more of their wedding pictures on our Facebook page.

If you're interested in having a bridal dirndl for your wedding click here to get more information! 

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