Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amazing One-of-a-Kind Dirndl Sale

Every week June 1st approaches faster and faster. As of right now, the studio... still need a lot of work. Since the facade needs to be remodeled, some walls need to be moved, the ol' city of Chicago wants a little piece of my hard earned money. Waiting on the permit means I've got time to sew like a crazy person and thats exactly what I'm doing. The $199 One-of-a-kind Sale has suddenly exploded! With 6 orders to start, and 2 to finish (not to mention trying to start production on a 35 piece new collection) I'm a little relieved that I can't work on the studio.

Joan's New Dirndl

Although I've got lots of orders to fill... there is still so much fabric left! Where did I get all of it!? I'm impressed my grandma was able to fold everything so nicely that it all fit in my moms china cabinet! Anyway... The sale will continue until March 31st and then thats it. By then it'll be painting, laying flooring and sweating for me!

Take advantage of this opportunity because I don't plan on ever accumulating this kind of random fabric inventory again. (I've gotten better and avoiding the remnant section of Vogue)

Katrina's New Dirndl

This has been really fun (quite exhausting) yet, very rewarding. Heres how it works, you send me an e-mail ( with your size and your top 3 color choices. (They don't need to go together, but just 3 colors that you love and you know look great on you!) Then I send you some swatches and if you like them, I make it for you for $199. I'm ONLY using inventory fabrics and trims, but there are plenty to choose from! From 1960s vintage and traditional cottons to modern graphic prints and thai silks! You'll be trusting me (erika) to make you something fabulous from just a swatch, but if you like the Rare collections, you'll love your custom piece!

Kathleen's New Dirndl

All of the $199 Custom pieces will be made with the basic neckline and the length will be 20-25 inches from the waist to the hem. The apron is included and will be made to match the dirndl seamlessly! The blouse is not included but can be added separately.

The Size Chart is easy to follow and is accessible 24 hours a day on the website. Click Here to get to the Size Chart.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping and tax are not included.

Megan's New Dirndl

It feels really great to receive e-mails saying "just do whatever, I trust you" and "I'm sure it'll be great no matter what you choose". I'm so happy that I truly have fans of my work and that I am trusted. But thats enough... I've got sewing to do!

sneak peek at the studio space... lots left to do (including moving the sink in the bathroom :)

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