Monday, October 28, 2013

Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight: Rachel Rabun

Rachel Rabun - Denver, CO

My Sister and I at the GABF (Great American Beer Festival)

Wearing our new Rare Dirndls at the Munich Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany was a trip I had been planning for over a year. We had the tickets, the flights, the hotels, but I forgot one major aspect, the clothes! I contacted Erika about a month prior to leaving for Oktoberfest and in that time she was able to create custom dirndls for myself and my sister. Within a few days, Erika had emailed me fabric ideas, layouts of embroidery work, and beautiful drawings of the dirndl design and a few weeks later I had the beautiful dirndls.

We love the custom embroidery on our dirndls
My husband, Zach, had been pushing for Oktoberfest in Munich for a few years. As a brewer, it is a must do. We are currently in the process of opening Mockery Brewing in Denver, Colorado and targeting Spring/Summer 2014 for our open date. Mockery will be located in the RiNo (River North) district of Denver. We are opening on a 15 bbl system and will be brewing beers that make a mockery of antiquated purity laws. Mockery aims to make a mockery of anything too serious by providing a laid back environment including video games, yard games, funny art work, and mockumentary movie nights.

The dirndls were a fantastic way to incorporate a little Mockery into our Oktoberfest adventures. Three of the four owners of Mockery Brewing were able to make this trip along with four friends. We spent five days drinking beer at the Schottenhamel and Hofbrau tents at Oktoberfest and numerous biergartens around Munich. It was an experience we will never forget!

Thank you to Erika for helping us create our vision of Mockery dirndls. Oktoberfest would not have felt the same without our Rare Dirndls!

We love the mix of modern and traditional that's at the core of our dirndls. 

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

BIG Announcement!!

I'm SOOO excited about this new program! Its all about YOU and thats why I love it!
Steve and Teresa, live in Niles, IL, are parents to two young boys and love the go to local Oktoberfests in their Rare Dirndl designs because "we always have the most fashionable outfits!" (too bad they're my cousins so they're ineligible to win) But thats the kind of story we're looking for! Simple, fun and all about you!

It's the Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight program and its a way to tell the world all about you, your heritage, why you love Rare Dirndls and maybe even the history behind your dirndl!

Here's how it works...

To Enter: e-mail all of the following items:
1- Your name as you would like it to appear
2- Your mailing address
3- At least 1 photo of you in your Rare Dirndl (max 5 photos)
4- A 200-500 word paragraph which includes the following information
    1) Tell us a little bit about yourself (2-5 sentences is fine)
    2) Where are you wearing your Rare Dirndl in the photos?
    3) Is there a story behind your Rare Dirndl? We’d love to hear it!
    4) What is your favorite thing about Rare Dirndl?
    5) Anything else you’d like to include… your heritage, your family, your favorite dirndl accessories etc!

After submitting the required information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. One entry per person.

Prizes: the person chosen as the “Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight” will receive:
· A $50 Rare Dirndl coupon code for use on any online purchase
· A feature on the Rare Dirndl Blog, Rare Dirndl website and in the Rare Dirndl E-mail newsletter
· A Rare Dirndl gift package worth approximately $100.

Who chooses the winner?
Each month one entry will be selected by the Rare Dirndl Design team and featured at the “Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight”. The winner will be notified before the release of the information.

I'm so excited and I can't wait to read your stories and see your pictures! Send em on in!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bringing Fashion to the Hofbräuhaus!

Last month Rare Dirndl helped the Hofbräuhaus Chicago-Rosemont kick off their Okotberfest and I'm so excited about having ANOTHER fashion show tonight!

The 1st show starts at 7pm and features some Rare Dirndl favorites. From 2010 when the first Rainforest Collection launched till today's top sellers... including the In Bloom Dirndl! Yup... thats right... the In Bloom Dirndl is coming back next week and we are celebrating by featuring it in the Hofbräu Fashion show!!

The 2nd show starts at 8pm and features all brand new pieces from the Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, "Nevermore". Dirndls like "The Raven" "The City in the Sea" & "Dream within a Dream" will all be up on stage and walking around the floor of the Hofbräuhaus while you can enjoy your meal or beer (thats made on site!) Also, there will be a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, "Day at the Lake".  

I can't wait for tonights show and I hope you'll be able to make it as well!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

German World's Choice for Style: It's all about Rare!

Jenny Peters, the Deputy Editor in Chief of German World Magazine, sent me a quick e-mail in August that she was writing a little bit about dirndls for the next issue of the magazine and asked for an brief interview. No problem! She asked me a few questions about Rare Dirndl and I gladly answered them as best I could. She came up with a wonderful article about our fresh take on the traditional "tracht" and how some companies are still doing great selling the tried and true classic styles. 

Here is wonderful article from the Style section of Fall 2013 issue of German World Magazine. 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

His & Hers Okoberfest Outfits? Yes Please!!

"His & Hers" outfits are definitely a hit or miss! This trend has been in and out throughout fashion's long history and for good reason! These his & hers are not exactly what I would call high fashion!

Britany Spears and Justin Timberlake, the "IT" couple of 2001, tried this look... and I think that just about ended the trend...

But Rare Dirndl is bringing it BACK! I love using the same fabrics in a dirndl and a trachtenshirts and the matching dirndls and shirts have been über popular. I'm nearly sold out of every dirndl/shirt combo! For Spring/Summer 2014 you will be sure to see some more His & Hers ensembles, but not to worry... you won't look like Britany and Justin, you'll look more like all of these fabulous Rare Dirndl customers that posted their pics on social media! What do you think? Love the trend? Hate it? 

Aric & Kelsey
Anne & Mike
Wally & Monika

Matt, Isabelle, & Mannie
Alex &; Kat (no the jersey is not Rare)
Anthony & Erika

Monika & Mark

Christel & Jerry

Teresa & Steve

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