Thursday, October 11, 2012

For the Fashionista and the Foodie

I'm very excited to announce that Rare and My Best German Recipes are teaming up this season to bring you the best of German fashion and food! Gabrielle, creator of the site, featured a great article about me and one of my favorite recipes that I learned from my Grandpa, Palatschinken! Among my friends there is always the constant debate... Palatschinken vs Palatschinka. Whatever you call it they are just plain yum-o!

What are Palatschinken? Crepes! or really zin pancakes. Since I was a little girl, we had them at home for breakfast with marmalade, syrup, or plain. But as an adult I've learned to enjoy them ALL DAY! And I just had them with Nutella and bananas and then Nutella and strawberries... o my... so good!

Am I making you hungry yet?
The key is keeping the pan super duper hot and lightly oiled. I actually use olive oil and I add a tiny bit before each one I make. I like mine really thin and crispy on the ends. I've gotten quite good at them if I do say so myself, but it never fails the first one always sucks... it breaks, its too thick, etc.

My Mom and the Palatschinken Master... Grandpa Jacob

For more yummy foods be sure to follow our Yummy board on Pinterest! Bis Spater... I'm hungry now, think some Frühstück is in order after all this Palatschinken talk!
Never a dull moment when I'm cooking!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Calling all Rare Dirndl Lovers!

I'm putting together a special page on my website that will be a collection of photos of my fabulous customers showing off their own Rare Dirndls!

So heres how it works. In an e-mail to answer these simple questions:

How many dirndls do you have?
What about your Rare Dirndl is different from your other dirndls?
What do you like most about your dirndl? (Fit, Style, Color etc)
How does your Rare Dirndl make you feel?
Other comments?

Then send a jpg photo of just yourself in your favorite Rare dirndl as well, like Karen did!

I'll only be able to choose a few photos for the website and to be posted on Facebook, so get your submissions in asap!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall/Winter is Here!

After the photo shoot a few weeks back, I knew the shots were going to be great because I had such a fabulous team working with me! My lil' sis took her knowledge of fashion (from her personal style and her new job at Buckle) and mixed with her vast collection of jewelry to help accessorize the amazing Claire Shillingburg and Dylan Solon who modeled that day. Katherine Rally did, hands down, the most amazing hair and make-up! She always does good work, but this one took the cake. (took the cake... takes the cake... whatever, it was outstanding).
Kat's amazing work!

My boyfriend scoped out the perfect location, my dad set the stage and my mom kept us fed! Lets not forget about Mark Bappert who was busy taking video and last, but not least, (because without her it there would be nothing) Vanessa Buholzer of VKB Photography! We've worked together on many shoots and she is always amazing. Her editing after the shoot made the pics even more dramatic.
Monika, Kat, Vanessa and I working behind the scenes

Inspired by the Grunge Music movement that started in Seattle in the early 90s, I was going for a more melancholy, dramatic, "I don't give a flying f*ck" kind of look. We achieved that in spades and I couldn't be more proud to show my new collection, 'Beautiful, Dark Days' to the world!

Come as You Are sweater and Flannel Skirt with Brown Flannel Trachtenhemd

The pieces are titled after 90s grunge songs and its a mix of plaid, winter wear, lace and edge. Along with the dirndls, trachten shirts and skirts you'll find pieces like the "Come as You Are" sweater and "Deep Refection" pants that bring a great mix of ready-to-wear with the German style garments. 

Deep Reflection pants with Warrior vest and lace blouse
I seriously could look at the website home page with the rotating pics for days. I hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I loved creating it! All of the pieces are available online and (for sure after thanksgiving) you can make an appointment to come stop by the studio and see the garments in person.

Thanks for reading... here's my fav shot from the whole shoot for you to enjoy!

Black Hole Sun

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