Sunday, January 15, 2012

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It's been a very, very long time since I wrote my last blog and for those who actually enjoy reading them I am terribly sorry and to those who don't care then this has no relevance to you. Since my last blog so much has happened that its going to be impossible to get to everything but quick overview... launched a new collection and traveled to Indiana, Georgia, and Ohio to sell my products and was incredibly happy with success of on the road sales. Once the craziness that is the Oktoberfest season subsided and began my search for a studio space!
One of my favorite photos from the Sun-Kissed Collection

I wanted a place that was in Lincoln Square because a) I love the area! and b) it seems like the only logical place in Chicago to have a dirndl store. I found the perfect place right in square... but it was over budget... by $1,000,000 ... so I moved on. It was hard to find anything that was affordable for me and my tiny line. My super fabulous realtor, Rae Paterno, suggested that I think outside the box (which isn't all that hard for me to do considering I don't tend to say in said box... ever) so we looked a this gross pub that was for sale walking distance from the German Fest grounds but not too close, so it was affordable. It was WAY worse from the inside than from the outside and we both decided that it was not going to work. After walking out of the bar we looked at it from the outside and I said to Rae "you know, from the outside it could be a great space, the only thing is that ugly building next door!" she replied "well thats for sale too!"
Our building (when you Google it)

That was the beginning of a long/short journey ending the purchase of 5051 N. Lincoln! Its the perfect place for us (me and my bf, Christian) and my business. It has a store front on the first floor, a small apartment behind the store, a large 2nd floor apartment, a cute yard and a 2 car garage. Its just enough space for us, my studio/store front, and we can get a little extra income from the tenants.
5051 N. Lincoln today (well kinda, my dad and I took the awning down)

That sounds all lollipops and gumdrops! Unicorns and rainbows! Spaetzle and Schnitzel! Until you actually see the place. Its what I like to call a work in progress, but most people would just call it a dump. There is nothing about our new home that doesn't need work... nothing! I mean the toilets flush and the lights work... but even those could use to be replaced. Christian and I have a wild journey ahead of us, but in the end it is going to ours and just the way we like it.
The studio space (now)

Until then I am feverishly woking on my line because with winter comes a drop in sales. Well more like a plunge from with the warm sunny cliffs of Hawaii into the cold dark depths of the Alaskan waters... I knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it to be so difficult on the ol' check book. So while slowly but surely trying to work on the studio space so we can have the grand opening weekend coincide with the Maifest in Lincoln Square (June 1-3), I'm trying to keep my little line above that cold water... because what would suck the most is having a studio/retail space with nothing to put in it.
Part of the new Winter Sweater Collection

My mom would be all "Stop being so pessimistic, everything will be fine!" I don't like to call it pessimism, I like to call it reality with a splash of sarcasm and motivation! but whatever you call it... its going to be a wild wintery ride and I'm ready! i think...

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